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Learn From James Gandolfini’s Estate Planning Smart Decisions & Mistakes

Checks and balances with multiple executors and trustees. James Gandolfini had two children with two different wives. He named his sister, his current wife, and one of his attorneys as co-executors of his will and co-trustees of the testamentary trusts set up in his will, which was a savvy move to prevent any one beneficiary from being favored.

Have a foreign estate plan if you have foreign real property. Mr. Gandolfini owned property in Italy, which his will specified should be turned over to his children. However, Italy has forced heirship laws that may trump the will. He should have consulted with an Italian attorney and had an Italian will drawn that passes the property in accordance with Italian law.

The one thing that Gandolfini and his lawyers did not think about enough was his estate taxes. He’ll owe nearly $30,000,000 in estate taxes and much of it could have been avoided with good planning in advance.

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