PRELAW RESOURCES The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is the organization that administers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and provides a range of services to help students apply to law school. The LSAC website is a great place to start for information on preparing for the LSAT, researching law schools, and applying to law school.

ABA for Law Students: The American Bar Association (ABA) offers a dedicated website for law students, with information on preparing for law school, selecting a law school, and navigating the law school experience. The site also includes resources on finding internships and jobs in the legal profession.

Law School Transparency: This nonprofit organization provides data on law schools, including employment outcomes and student debt. The site also includes tools to help students compare law schools based on factors such as cost and employment prospects.

Above the Law: This popular legal blog provides news and commentary on the legal profession, including insights on law school and the job market for lawyers. The site also offers a range of resources for law students, including exam advice and study tips.

The National Jurist: This publication offers a range of resources for law students, including rankings of law schools and insights on the legal job market. The site also includes articles on topics such as law school study habits and bar exam preparation.

American Bar Association (ABA): The ABA’s website offers resources for students interested in pursuing a legal career, including information on the different types of law, the law school application process, and tips for preparing for law school.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers free online courses on a range of subjects, including law and civics. It can be a useful resource for high school students interested in learning more about the legal system and the role of lawyers.

Street Law: Street Law is a nonprofit organization that provides educational resources on law and civics. Their website offers free lesson plans, webinars, and other resources for high school students interested in learning about the law.