Schedule these 3 Types of Meetings:

  1. ESTATE PLANNING: For callers interested in SETTING UP a Will or Trust or REVISING their existing Will/Trust. Both spouses must attend, if married.
  2. PROBATE: When a loved one has died, does not have a trust, and caller needs to take care of their loved one’s affairs.
  3. TRUST ADMINISTRATION: When a loved one has died, but has a trust, and caller needs to take care of their loved one’s affairs.

DO NOT SCHEDULE for other issues… Use form on the right instead to send caller info to Mr. Tagre who will determine how to proceed ——>

Caller will get an email with a questionnaire to complete online before the meeting.

ZOOM or PHONE. This initial meeting is a quick 15 minute meeting by Zoom or telephone to determine if we can assist. Caller will get a meeting confirmation by email.

Cost for appointment: Let them know you can schedule them at no charge today.

Cost for a Will or Trust or other services: During the meeting, the attorney will discuss the different options available depending on their circumstances, and how much the options cost.

All other callers WITHOUT APPOINTMENTS, use form below to send info to Mr. Tagre.

EXAMPLES: Disputes of any kind; Powers of Attorney; Real Estate; Business Law; Etc.

Collect EMAIL addresses from all callers. It’s easier for us to follow up with them. No need to transfer callers to Mr. Tagre.

1100 J St., Modesto, CA 95354
Corner of J St. and 11th St in downtown Modesto; Entrance is behind the black gate