The end of the school year is a good time to review your special education child’s progress and determine what changes might be needed to his/her educational program for success the following year.

  • Review your child’s grades and meet with teachers and the IEP team to discuss any concerns.
  • Check the progress your child has made toward his/her goals, review goal data sheets where applicable, and address goals that are not being met with the IEP team.
  • Schedule an IEP meeting to discuss what has or has not worked with the education program and changes that should be made to address these concerns.
  • Discuss with the IEP team whether your child is eligible for Extended School Year (ESY). ESY is not the same as summer school. ESY services are based on your child’s needs as described in the IEP.  [intlink id=”458″ type=”post”]Click here for more on ESY[/intlink].

Other end-of-year considerations:

  • Consider enrolling your child in summer activities such as sports programs or camps.
  • Be sure you understand the Individualized Education Program being offered for the following school year. Are the goals clear and measurable?
  • Be sure you have a complete record of your student’s special education file, including all IEPs and evaluations.