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“Pablo has been a fantastic attorney for our family. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. He also takes the time to learn a lot about your family situation to really create a plan that fits your needs. After your documents are created, if your situation changes, Pablo remains available to advise you and modify your documents as needed, even years after. This extended support is extremely useful and extremely appreciated. We could not ask for a better attorney than Pablo. He is always available via email, phone and even Skype sessions. He has been an invaluable resource for our family, truly providing us peace of mind.”

“My wife and I requested the services of Pablo Tagre for estate planning purposes. Pablo responded promptly and respectfully to our phone calls and emails, did an outstanding job answering our questions and made us feel that our need for legal services was in his best interest. We would highly recommend Pablo to others in need of estate planning, preparation of a living trust, will, or similar services.”

Pablo was available and more than willing to accommodate our busy schedules. He provided the guidance we needed to resolve a family issue, he also helped with some of our concerns that we were dealing with. His professionalism is shown by his true commitment he has for his clients. I highly recommend his services and appreciate all the hard work and dedication he provided us during our time of need. I highly recommend Pablo Tagre to anyone who needs a good Lawyer!

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