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“Pablo has been a fantastic attorney for our family. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. He also takes the time to learn a lot about your family situation to really create a plan that fits your needs. After your documents are created, if your situation changes, Pablo remains available to advise you and modify your documents as needed, even years after. This extended support is extremely useful and extremely appreciated. We could not ask for a better attorney than Pablo. He is always available via email, phone and even Skype sessions. He has been an invaluable resource for our family, truly providing us peace of mind.”

“My wife and I requested the services of Pablo Tagre for estate planning purposes. Pablo responded promptly and respectfully to our phone calls and emails, did an outstanding job answering our questions and made us feel that our need for legal services was in his best interest. We would highly recommend Pablo to others in need of estate planning, preparation of a living trust, will, or similar services.”

Pablo was available and more than willing to accommodate our busy schedules. He provided the guidance we needed to resolve a family issue, he also helped with some of our concerns that we were dealing with. His professionalism is shown by his true commitment he has for his clients. I highly recommend his services and appreciate all the hard work and dedication he provided us during our time of need. I highly recommend Pablo Tagre to anyone who needs a good Lawyer!

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You spend your whole life working hard to accumulate wealth, but few people spend much time planning for what will happen to it after they pass away, especially if children are in the picture. A recent Consumer Reports survey reveals that 86% of people have not reviewed or updated their estate plan documents in the […]

Why Your Business Needs an Employee Email Policy

Whether your business is large or small, if you have a company with any number of employees then you should have an email policy that is clearly communicated to everyone in the company. Even if your business does not routinely monitor employee emails, you, as the employer, must protect your right to access employee email. […]

Estate Planning with Digital Assets

Americans surveyed in a 2011 McAfee study valued the digital assets they owned across their various digital devices at nearly $55,000. Whether you value yours at more or less than this amount, chances are that you have not planned for what will happen to your digital assets after you are gone. Digital asset estate planning […]

Employee Discipline and Terminations

Employee discipline and termination are probably the most dreaded tasks for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The anxiety and trauma related to a termination can sometimes be just as bad for the boss as it is for the employee. But in our litigious society, business owners need to take extra care when disciplining or firing […]

Avoid Family Feuds with Effective Estate Planning

A recent article in the New York Post about brothers battling over a painting from their uncle’s estate is a reminder about how important it is to designate a destination for your personal property, either through a will or by gifting while you are still alive, in order to avoid family feuds. The brotherly feud […]

Special Needs Planning – When Your Child Turns 18 (Part 2): Financial Support

The financial planning steps that a family takes once their child reaches the age 18 establish the infrastructure for the child’s support and well-being for the rest of the child’s life. The effects of any wrong decisions made by parents during this transition could affect the child’s life far into the future, when parents may […]

What is Probate? And Should I Avoid It?

What is the Probate Process? Generally speaking, the probate process is used by state probate courts to transfer property to your heirs. It is really just a judge giving legal permission for assets to be passed on, whether or not you have a will. In California, estates can be settled in a matter of months without […]

Board of Directors in California Corporations – How to Reduce the Number or Size

In order to protect minority shareholders of a California corporation or S Corporation, the California Corporations Code limits how the size or number of directors on a corporation’s board of directors can be reduced. These limitations are found at Sections 194.5 and 212 of the Corporations Code. Scroll down for the text of these statutes. […]

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If you have been named the executor of someone’s estate or the Trustee of a Trust, you may be unaware of all the responsibilities estate executors and trustees have. Many parents name a child as their executor or trustee, but seldom do children then do the necessary...

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Estate planning overlooked – Most parents plan just about every aspect of their child’s birth and upbringing even before the child is born – scheduling the birthing classes, planning the new nursery, even picking out a preschool. There is so much to think about before you welcome your new child. Unfortunately, one of the most […]